How to support your child who has dyslexia

If you’re a parent of a child with dyslexia, there are several ways you can provide support and help them navigate their educational journey. Here are some suggestions to support a child with dyslexia:

1. Understand dyslexia: Educate yourself about dyslexia, its characteristics, and how it affects your child’s learning. This knowledge will enable you to advocate for their needs and make informed decisions.

2. Early identification and intervention: Ensure your child receives a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis from professionals experienced in dyslexia. Early identification allows for appropriate interventions and support to be implemented as soon as possible.

3. Collaborate with the school: Establish open communication with your child’s teachers, school administrators, and any special education professionals involved. Work together to develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that outlines specific accommodations and strategies to support your child’s learning needs.

4. Seek specialised instruction: Explore structured literacy programs designed for dyslexic learners. These evidence-based programs focus on phonics, decoding, and other reading skills to help improve reading fluency and comprehension. Consider engaging a dyslexia specialist or tutor who can provide targeted instruction.

5. Assistive technology: Utilise assistive technology tools and resources that can aid in reading and writing. Text-to-speech software, speech recognition tools, and dyslexia-friendly fonts are examples of assistive technology that can support your child’s learning and boost their confidence.

6. Encourage self-advocacy: Teach your child about dyslexia, its strengths, and challenges. Encourage them to advocate for themselves by explaining their needs to teachers and peers. Developing self-awareness and self-advocacy skills will empower them to seek support and accommodations as they progress through their education.

7. Provide a supportive environment: Create a positive and supportive home environment that values effort, progress, and resilience. Celebrate your child’s achievements and provide emotional support when they face challenges. Encourage their interests and talents outside of academics to foster a well-rounded sense of self.

8. Foster a love for reading: Encourage reading in various formats, such as audiobooks, graphic novels, or electronic devices with text-to-speech capabilities. Make reading enjoyable by exploring books aligned with their interests and reading abilities. Reading together as a family can also promote a positive attitude towards reading.

9. Connect with support networks: Seek out local dyslexia support groups, organisations, or online communities where you can connect with other parents, share experiences, and gather valuable resources. Networking with other parents can provide insights, advice, and a sense of community.

10. Celebrate strengths and talents: Dyslexia is just one aspect of your child’s identity. Help them recognize their unique strengths and talents, whether in the arts, sports, or any other areas of interest. Nurturing their passions and building self-confidence will contribute to their overall well-being.

Remember, each child with dyslexia is unique, and their needs may vary. By providing support, understanding, and advocating for your child, you can play a vital role in their educational and personal development.

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Craig has been a brilliant supporter, very professional, friendly, approachable and excellent communication throughout. Craig has gone out of his way to provide assistance, this has been a great aid for dealing with all my education difficulties and I really appreciate. Couldn’t ask for a better service, I highly recommend.

Would totally recommend Develop us, made my son feel at ease. Having the assessment done in the comfort of his own surroundings I think was a big help. My son actually enjoy his day and didn’t seem stressed or worried about the assessments. Craig was so helpful and still is a month on sending me useful links etc. Thank you so much.

Craig has been a great help, he’s been considerate and clear throughout and provided further support. Craig has gone out of his way to provide guidance and assistance, which has been a huge comfort and aid for dealing with workplace and personal issues, for which I am wholly grateful and highly recommend his services.

I recently had an assessment as an adult for dyspraxia or Developmental Co-ordination Disorder after self-referring. Craig was brilliant throughout. Great to deal with, understanding of my needs, and very supportive. He gave me a comprehensive assessment and communicated to me the whole process in an easy to understand manner. The final report was well written and I now have the evidence I need to get support in the workplace. I would highly recommend him and Develop Us

Craig is very patient and maintained really excellent communication throughout the whole process. During his assessment he was professional and patient, and pulled out all the stops to get his report to us ASAP. Highly recommended.

Craig has been a brilliant supporter, very professional, friendly, approachable and excellent communication throughout. Craig has gone out of his way to provide assistance, this has been a great aid for dealing with all my education difficulties and I really appreciate. Couldn’t ask for a better service, I highly recommend.

Craig has been a fantastic support with my son, Craig offers a wealth of knowledge, experience and great advice. Craig is enthusiastic and has a great deal of patience with the people he supports, I would have no hesitation in recommending his services and wish him all the best in the future.

Craig has been a Godsend to myself and my husband and my eldest daughter who was diagnosed. I am glad I asked for Craig’s professional opinion on the matter.  I am glad he did the assessment and we got the outcome of what we have thought it was for a while now. Thank you Craig.

I am a student who has been receiving support and tutoring from Craig since November 2018. Since receiving tutorial support from Craig, I have progressed onto high-level courses and an access course which has helped with my studies, knowledge and work. Craig has shown me support and helped make my course work manageable. I feel that I have been able to turn to Craig with any question or doubt and have received nothing but clarity and guidance. Without Craig’s help and support I do not think I would have the courage and ability to complete the courses and progress to higher levels. I have had support off Craig for a variety of courses and with work advise.

I feel that Craig has given me the confidence to take steps in my life that I would not have made on my own. Craig has not only been friendly and supporting, but has also been very professional, reliable and organised with the help he has given me.


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